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  1. Stefan Karp

    Paul Jackson has been a professional paper folder and paper artist since 1982 and is the author of 30 books on paper arts and crafts. He has taught the techniques of folding on more than 150 university-level design courses in the UK, Germany, Belgium, the US, Canada and Israel. These include courses in Architecture, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Jewellery, Product Design, Packaging, Ceramics, Industrial Design, Fine Art, Basic Design and Interior Design. He has also taught many workshops in museums, arts centres and festivals and has worked as ‘folding consultant’ for companies such as Nike and Siemens.

  2. Jill Pasch

    Preis – Leistungs Verhältniss stimmt nicht. Wer sich wirklich für Falttechniken interessiert sollte etwas Zeit mit Internetrecherche verbringen. Es ist billiger und man kommt auf das selbe Ergebnis.

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