Login to KISDspaces

I can’t login. Help

Make sure to choose the right login-option.

  • Use “Login with your campusID” if you have a th-koeln email (jane@th-koeln.de or john@smail.th-koeln.de).
  • Use “Local login” if you don’t have a th-koeln email.
  • Check your password. You might want to reset it (see below)
  • Is this the right Spaces instance? There is another one for the whole TH here.
  • I’m an alumni and my campus-id expired. See below “I don’t have a campusID any more”.
  • Contact doll@kisd.de if nothing helps.
What is my campusID? Do I have a campusID?

If you are a student you should have one.
It’s the first letter of your first name, followed by max 7 letters of your last name. So for Jane Doe ist would be jdoe.

If you are a guest-lecturer you can sign in via. “Local Login”. Everything should be as it was before.

I forgot my Password. What now?

There are three different approaches (depending on the type of your account)

I don’t have a campusID any more (because I’m an alumni or no longer study/work here)

Go to “local login”. Click on “Lost your password?”. Use the “Secondary email” you added in your profile for password-recovery.