Login to KISDspaces

Where do I login?

There are different options for different people

  • Use “Login with your campusID” if you have a th-koeln email (jane@th-koeln.de or john@smail.th-koeln.de).
  • Use “Local login” if you don’t have a th-koeln email.
  • Check your password. You might want to reset it (see below)
  • Is this the right Spaces instance? There is another one called TH-Spaces (which is not only used by KISD but by the whole TH-Köln).
  • I’m an alumni and my campusID expired. See below “I don’t have a campusID any more”.
  • Contact doll@kisd.de if nothing helps.
What is my campusID? Do I have a campusID?

If you are a student you should have one.
It’s the first letter of your first name, followed by max 7 letters of your last name. So for “Jane Doe” it would be “jdoe”. More here.

If you are a guest-lecturer you can sign in via. “Local Login”.

I forgot my Password. What now?

Depending on your account you have two options to reset your password. You can also use your secondary email (if you have one set in your profile).

I don’t have a campusID any more (because I’m an alumni or no longer study/work here)

Go to “local login”. Click on “Lost your password?”. Use the “Secondary email” you added in your profile for password-recovery. Follow the instructions to set a new password. You can now always use “Local Login” and your the password you set. If you want to switch back to your campusID you can use your @th-koeln.de email as “secondary email” (in your profile), then “Login with your campusID”.